Are you new to cycling? Do you wonder where you can cycle safely and what the conditions are like? Why not try one of our routes? We specialise in short, mainly traffic-free excursions that utilise The National Cycle Network in the Southeast Valleys of Wales.

Multi-Day Tours

My multi-day tours are designed for self-supported touring cyclists and campers. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Although considered "casual" in speed and distance, these rides are NOT to be made without thorough consideration of your skills and capabilities. You will need suitable cycling equipment for carrying everything with you, as well as adequate camping gear, clothing (including water-proofs), and food. These are NOT "supported" rides. We will be preparing most of our meals outside and sleeping on the ground! Most likely it will rain. (It is the UK, after all.) However, if you are new to long-distance cycle touring and are interested in "giving it a go"; these are ideal beginner trips.

In general, there are many campsites, Youth Hostels, B&B's, and hotels along the way. What I've outlined in my tours are merely a beginning guides to get you started. I highly recommend further research into the area through which you'll be traveling. It is surprising the amount of interesting places that you can find in such close proximity.

I have cycled enough in the UK to know that 30 - 40 miles is all you really need to do in a day with a fully-loaded touring bike. Firstly, it's not the distance that matters; it's the hills that are the real challenge, especially carrying 50 - 60 pounds of gear. Secondly, five to six hours is a reasonable amount of time on the bike.

If you are in good shape, you should find that you'll have enough energy to do something of interest after a day in the saddle. I usually like to stop between 3:30 - 4:30 pm; setup camp, go to the shop, explore, fix dinner, and relax. Riding all day to merely collapse in your tent at your destination does not make for a "fun" adventure (IMHO).

NOTE: Train stations are sometimes available along the route. Each tour page will include a list of the relevant stations with a links for further information. This can be very helpful to modify the length of your trip to best suit your needs. And of course, there are towns and villages where you can pick up most anything along the way. In fact, you'll often find bike shops and camping supply shops throughout the journey.

Additional Information and Resources:

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